Watch Now: The U-Pick Video Game Marathon

Watch us play the video games you want to raise money for clean water infrastructure in Rwanda!

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Chat with us, and with fellow viewers:

Here’s what we still have to play:

You can add minutes to the above chart by donating to our charity: water campaign! And you can pick other games, if you want – here’s a list of suggested games that we have on hand.

Win Firefly Fan Prizes

Jayne Hats Knit by Stephonee

Left: Soft Acrylic, Right: Rustic Wool

Because we reached a total of $1865 raised for the U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity before it has even begun, I’m giving away one of the hand-knit replica Jayne hats that I’ve knitted!

You know, a cunning Jayne Cobb hat? As seen on the long-cancelled but much-beloved TV show “Firefly?” It’s really a hat that no fan should be without – or really, anyone who lives in a cold climate (these hats are super warm!).

As an added bonus, we’ll pick a second winner to receive this adorable 12 inch by 17 inch print of “Brownie Coats,” signed by the artist . And because there are multiple ways to enter this giveaway, you actually have a good chance of getting your name drawn for both prizes!

Brownie Coats by Patrick Ballesteros

12″x17″ Print of “Brownie Coats” signed by Patrick Ballesteros

Enter to win through the Rafflecopter form below – there’s no donation necessary! All you have to do is help spread the word about the U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity.

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If you’ve got another way to spread the word that isn’t listed, just leave a comment on this post. I will try to add any reasonable entry method you can think of. 🙂

U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity – Basics

The fundraiser where I’ll play whatever video game you want to torture me with, as long as you donate to help bring clean water to the people of Rwanda. You win, Rwandans win, and I… win? Lose? Depends on the game you choose!

The Story

The best year yet! As of October 6th, my campaign to bring clean water infrastructure to the people of Rwanda reached $1,745. That’s more than I’ve ever raised, in any fundraiser I’ve ever run! And that’s 26 people served with clean water for life – fitting for my 26th birthday. But it still doesn’t feel like enough. Maybe because out of the $1,700,000 that charity: water needs to make this project happen, they were only at $1,521,436. Close, but not there yet. In order to meet that $1.7 million goal, charity: water let us campaigners keep Rwanda campaigns open through the end of the year. As closing time quickly approaches, I’m making one final push toward my personal $5,000 goal.

U-Pick Video Game Marathon

For every dollar donated to this campaign, you can force me to play one minute of a video game of your choosing! $1 = 1 minute of entertainment for you, as I struggle through the worst game you can throw at me. Of course, I will live-stream the whole marathon over the internet, so you can watch from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Though I will do my best, there’s a limit on the list of games I can get my hands on. Don’t get me wrong – I have access to a huge library of games for a large variety of consoles. To ensure you’re picking a game that I can actually play, please select a game from this list or email me to ask about a game that is not on the list before you donate. If you don’t check the list to see if your selected game is available before donating, you’re gonna have a bad time. You run the risk that I won’t play the game you donated for at all, simply because I can’t get it. And I don’t want you to lose out! So please just check the list first! 🙂 Examples from the list (as suggested by people who are supposed to be my “friends,” but clearly just want to torture me):

Seriously, guys? QWOP?!?

How to Buy Game Minutes

Charity: water accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, or personal check. If you’re going to donate by check, do it right now (and email me to let me know you’re paying by check)! And since charity: water is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donation is likely tax deductible. Once you’ve selected a game from the list or (received email confirmation that your suggested game is being added to the list), simply donate on my charity: water fundraising page and put the name of the game you want in the “Comment” field under your name as you pay. That’s it! Each dollar donated buys one minute playtime of the game you name in your comment. You can donate as soon as you want, and I’ll begin the marathon (and live-stream show!) on December 28th at 8pm EST. (Game minutes will be added to other game minutes for the same game. I’ll be playing games in order of how many minutes were purchased, to avoid excessive game-switching during the show.)

Early Donation BONUSES!

If we hit certain fundraising milestones before the marathon begins, we’ll unlock bonuses for the live-stream show! Each time we unlock one, we’ll also reveal the description of the next bonus, and the *hint hint* name of the next bonus after that.

Unlocked (Achieved) Bonuses:

  • $1865 bonus: Cunning hat! We’ll give away a hand-knit (by me!) replica Jayne hat during the first 2 hours of the show!
  • $1985 bonus: Now You’re Thinking With Portals – The first four hours of the show will be in cos-play! Me dressed as Chell from Portal, and the rest of the cast dressed as whatever they can manage.
  • $2105 bonus: The Show Before the Show – We’ll do a one-hour live broadcast “pre-show” starting at 7pm December 28th, so that you can get to know the cast and chat with us about video games – before the action starts.
  • $2225 bonus: Paku-paku – We’ll give away a set of sweet Pac-Man collectibles, including a (out of print) Limited Edition Pac-Man Moleskin gift set!
  • $2345 bonus: Opposite of Weak – We’ll invite Stephonee’s arch-nemesis Dan “Opposite of Weak” Strong to be on hand during the live broadcast, for bickering and goading purposes. Will he accept?
  • $2465 bonus: Gotta catch ’em all! – Pokémon lovers, you’re in luck! We’ll give away a big ol’ pile of Pokémon plushes during the show.
  • $2585 bonus: Blades of Steel  Challenger Billy will face off against Stephonee in Blades of Steel for NES. He’ll donate for the time, but if Stephonee manages to win, he’ll donate TRIPLE!

Locked (Upcoming) Bonuses:

  • $2705 bonus: Space, Also NASA  Giveaway! Stephonee will give away a deluxe package of exclusive Space/NASA items she’s collected on her trips behind the security gates at four NASA facilities! (Goddard, Kennedy, JPL, and NASA HQ!)
  • $2825 bonus: Driving Blind – ??? (description revealed when we hit $2705)
  • $2945 bonus: ??? – ??? (name revealed when we hit $2705, description revealed when we hit $2825)

Donate now to unlock Early Donation Bonuses and ensure the live-stream show lasts as long as possible! The show starts at 8pm EST on December 28th (preshow at 7pm!), and will last as long as the donations dictate. (And don’t forget to check the available games list before donating to buy your game minutes, or you could be a sad panda!)