Thank You! U-Pick Video Game Marathon 2012

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The U-Pick Video Game Marathon for Charity has officially come to a close, and all the donations are in! In total, we raised $2,148 for charity: water and gave 33 people in Rwanda access to clean water!

(I hereby officially declare it “Happy Dance” time – get down with your bad self!)

So many people contributed to make this happen – from the crew that worked tirelessly to manage the fundraiser in-person, the artists that provided us with sweet logos and art, the donors that put in their own hard-earned dollars, the people who tweeted and Facebooked their hearts out about us, right down to the people who hung around in the chat to keep our spirits up and our sanity in tact (as much as it ever was).

Those people that need to be thanked are:

Alicia LaFrance, Grant Kibler, Jen Fraizer, Dan Strong (especially for the use of his face), Chris Sprague, Christian Baldo, Josh “Disco” Hamm, Jacob Rose, Bill Peters, Matt Chwat, the ThinkGeek overlords, The Nerd NukeJames Moore, Kelly Schoun, Becky and Dan Ferrel, Mike Palmer, Troy Lovebag, William Vadnais, Alex Gripe, Willy Yonkers, Helliona StormGoddess, Brittney Huntone, Brian CajunRTard, Brett McMahan, Mike Tanner, Harrison Yee, John Fraizer, Andrea Owens, Joshua “Hammy” Hamm (yeah, two Josh Hamms!), Tracy Flanders, Steve Collins, Sabrina Jess, Jimmy Connor (even if it was for three hours of Sonic 3!!!), Tim Bailey, Kitty Paisley, Matt Robert, DoctorGyarados, Green_B…

and thanks to all of our Anonymous donors, as well! 🙂

If I missed anyone, blame my continued-tiredness from the marathon, and let me know in the comments or via email – I’ll add ’em right quick!

Also, if you have been thanked, but would like your name “upgraded” with a link to your blog/site/Twitter/Facebook/whatever, that can be achieved with a simple comment or email as well!

Thanks, you guys, because this:

QWOPin' for Charity!

This was great! 🙂